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A Message from the director of GRAPHIC SEXUAL HORROR

24/03/2010 01:11 by Kier-La Janisse

Last Friday, Graphic Sexual Horror was finally up on Amazon for digital download and VOD.

Yesterday morning, I got this email from our digital distributor:

"We just spoke with Amazon, who unfortunately need to pull the film
from their storefront given some explicit issues. We will keep you
posted on Netflix and everything else. Thanks very much."

Thanks to all of you who rented and watched the film, we were on
Amazon's top 10 list of both documentary and independent films for the
days it was available.

The DVD release also had to be put off until summer because Warner Distribution
refused to carry it on "moral" grounds. The DVD release is planned for this summer.

If any of you want to let know that you would like to see
the film, please let them know at this link:

Netflix has it listed, but it is not yet available. add it to your Netflix queue to improve chances that it will be available there soon.

And we'd appreciate it very much if you would pass this mail on to friends or groups.


Thanks so much!


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