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19/12/2012 01:05 by Kier-La Janisse

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An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films

(FAB Press, 2012)

Author: Kier-La Janisse
Final edit by Harvey Fenton, after a first edit by Adele Hartley and Naben Ruthnum

Hardcover (Possession cover) $50.00 (SOLD OUT)
Softcover (Dr. Jeckyll et les femmes cover) $25.00 + shipping

House of Psychotic Women is an autobiographical exploration of female neurosis in horror and exploitation films. Anecdotes and memories interweave with film history, criticism, trivia and confrontational imagery to create a reflective personal history and examination of female madness, both onscreen and off.

God, this woman can write, with a voice and intellect that's so new. The truth in the most deadly unique way I've ever read.
- Ralph Bakshi, director of Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, American Pop, etc.

Fascinating, engaging and lucidly written: an extraordinary blend of deeply researched academic analysis and revealing memoir.
- Iain Banks, author of The Wasp Factory

Kier-la Janisse’s House of Psychotic Women is not only the most important piece of longform film criticism of the 21st century, it’s the best.
-Devin Faraci, Badass Digest


tl_files/media/images/a violent professional cover.jpgA VIOLENT PROFESSIONAL:
The Films of Luciano Rossi

(FAB Press, 2007)

Author: Kier-La Janisse

$10.00 + shipping

Italian cinema's tough-guy specialist explodes into action. A must-have for fans of '70s macho cinema!

With nearly seventy films under his belt, almost exclusively in the colourful, controversial and eye-catching realm of Italian exploitation, character actor Luciano Rossi (1934-2005) remains one of Italian cinema's unsung heroes. But while always memorable, until now he has existed only as a footnote in most Italian-focused film criticism, even in the work of ardent fans of the exploitation genre. By luck or judgement, Rossi made appearances in many of the greatest low-budget films ever to come out of Italy, working in all the popular genres, from spaghetti westerns, mafia shockers and horror films to cop thrillers, sexploitation, and every conceivable brand of bizarre Euro exploitation.

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