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MISKATONIC 2011/2012 Curriculum to be announced soon!

20/08/2011 09:37 by Kier-La Janisse

The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is one year old! The first year was a great success for all the students who participated (including at least one 18 year old who got a gig writing for Fangoria after only one semester!) and we're coming back for year two starting in late September 2011.

Expect 4-week courses on Universal Monsters, creepy children, the films of Val Lewton, teenage sleuths from the Hardy Boys to Veronica Mars, and an epic 6-week course with rotating instructors that delves deep into the most integral chambers of horror theory. Exact schedule to be posted shortly!

Courses will range from $35-$45 per student, and a full-year discount will also be available. In addition, the Fantasia Scholarship will open applications once the curriculum is announced, which allows for up to 5 students to receive full-year sponsorships.

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