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Q+A: THE MONSTER'S CHRISTMAS director Yvonne Mackay!

29/12/2012 01:33 by Kier-La Janisse

tl_files/media/images/monsterxmas.pngEvery year at holiday time, film critics and bloggers love to trot out their top-ten lists of seasonal genre classics, sometimes bolstered by a few new additions from the direct-to-video heap. All of which is to say that if you read a lot of genre mags, you’ve probably seen a lot of the worthy classics and curiosities by now. Enter THE MONSTER’S CHRISTMAS, a 1981 New Zealand oddity so obscure that–despite a no-frills region 1 DVD release in 2004–even genre buffs in its home country don’t seem to know about it.

In THE MONSTER’S CHRISTMAS, a little girl falls asleep reading the eponymous storybook, about a group of carolling monsters whose voices were stolen by a jealous witch. She wakes up to discover one of these monsters–a rubbery, gloopy thing oozing smoke out of a hole in its head–clumsily invading her Christmas stocking, and sets off on a strange trip through the many mysterious facets of the New Zealand landscape in order to help the monsters recover their voices.

True, it’s a G-rated kids film. But it’s a kids film that blends the best elements of the GODZILLA mythos with the wackiness of GIMME GIMME OCTOPUS, the colourful DIY musicality of HR PUFNSTUF and the fearless independence of WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE.

FANGO tracked down director Yvonne Mackay, who was kind enough to answer a few questions about the story behind this bizarre holiday fable.


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