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Plastic Paper Exhibit: SHIFT: A fingers-on exhibit of fantastical flip books by ROBERT PASTERNAK

04/05/2011 - 07/05/2011

tl_files/media/images/Plastic Paper/various flips_72.jpgSHIFT: FANTASTICAL FLIPBOOKS BY ROBERT PASTERNAK

May 4-7 at the Park Theatre
Opening Vernissage Wednesday May 4, 5-7pm
Free Admission

Pasternak explores time and spacial graphic movements in this pre-celluloid animated form. With flip books as large as a coffee table book and as small as a stick of gum, this will be a hands-on exhibit showing a selection of Pasternak's 20 year on-off exploration into this medium via 35 mm photographic print flip books, hand drawn, and computer illustrated geometries.   
Robert Pasternak is a student of the Osmosis School of Art and Design. His practice centers on the exploration of evolution in his illustration, graphic design, the fine arts, film, comics and video. His work has evolved from sci-fi and cosmic themed paintings to post apocalyptic sculptures to inventive and playfully designed novelty art objects as exhibited in his  successful solo show Visual Chew at Martha Street. Through the years he has worked as a production artist for the garment industry, as art director for Zygote magazine, a teacher of drawing and painting at the Forum Art institute, and as a digital colorist. In 1994 Robert received the Aurora Award for artistic achievement in Canadian science fiction art. In his free time Robert likes to sort and file away his candy wrapper collection.

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