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07/05/2011 (14:00 - 15:30)

tl_files/media/images/Plastic Paper/beast_pageant.jpgTHE BEAST PAGEANT
Albert Birney and Jon Moses | USA 2010 | 74min. 

Saturday May 7th - 2:00pm
Park Theatre - 698 Osborne
Admission $7

First time filmmakers Albert Birney and Jon Moses blend live action with stop-motion to follow an alienated young man named Abraham, who lives in a confined apartment where his only companion is a giant machine. Inside the machine is a man and a woman who take care of Abraham's every need. With the help of a small singing cowboy who grows out of his side, Abraham moves from the depths of industrial oppression to the elation of nature and its mischievous forest spirits.
Preceded by the short films SUPERCOOL (Goran Radovanovic | Serbia 2010 | 4mins.) and TEEN ROUTINES (Sam Hinsvark | USA 2010 | 3mins)

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