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Plastic Paper: VIVA THE 'NAM


tl_files/media/images/Plastic Paper/P1010093.jpgVIVA THE ‘NAM 
Paul Hanley + Kieran Healey | USA 2010 | 90min.

Friday May 6th, 11:15pm
Park Theatre - 698 Osborne
Admission - $7

The first feature-length no-rules stop-motion action comedy to star only action figures! Viva The ‘Nam depicts the bizarre adventures of Pvt. Joe Holmes, a marine stationed in Vietnam's "I Corps" from 1968-1969. The last of a family line that has lost a man in every single American conflict, Holmes will have to overcome communist armies, Russian Roulette rounds, USO riots, bloodthirsty drill instructors, leeches, drunk drivers, an M16-wielding Charlton Heston, and poop-smoking Frenchmen to make it out of Vietnam alive! Impossibly intricate, the film was made over the course of eight years (!!), a sprawling epic the likes of which GI Joe stop-motion animation has never seen before (and will probably never see again). Don't miss this opportunity to witness cinematic history while you bust a few guts!

Preceded by the short film COVERS (Jenny Lin | CANADA 2010 | 10mins)

Covers is a fictional narrative about the kidnapping of a reclusive dominatrix named Covers who runs a fetish house on a lake for clients who like to be wrapped up in blankets. Covers' true identity is a mystery since her clients and employees only know of her working persona. Following a eriod of being under surveillance, Covers is kidnapped. While in captivity, she is subjected to a series of humiliating acts.


Yo Joe: GI Joe Stop Motion Mania,Viva the 'Nam


If you grew up in the decade of hypercolor and Hulkamania, the name G.I. Joe makes you think of badasses like Snake Eyes and sexy villains like…Cobra Commander (what?). If you’re old enough to realize how sacrilegious that recent stink bomb of a movie was, chances are it’s because you loved the action figures of the eighties—Hawk and Short Fuze, Scarlet and Grunt.

What you probably don’t know is that before all of that there was the original G.I. Joe doll. It was (we hear) twelve inches of plastic joy, created back in the day before they’d ever heard of the king fu grip, when they knew how to make things that weren't (always) ruined when you tied an M80 to them.

Well, it’s time to get back to basics and find out just how awesome the Real American Hero™ can be. Showing at the Alamo Ritz Wednesday night, you can catch the stop motion masterpiece Viva the ‘Nam, featuring those old school dolls—not to mention toys from Planet of the Apes, Platoon action figures (yes, that happened), and other legendary films—as they parody every war movie ever made from the great (Apocalypse Now) to the...well, still awesome but maybe-not-so-great (Commando).

Writer-director and Austinite Paul Hanley spent more than eight years making this one-of-a-kind gem that tells the story of Private Joe Holmes as he makes his way into “the shit,” trying to break a curse: every past American conflict has claimed a member of his family. Will it be his fate as well?

This film is not just a bunch of sight gags and silly jokes, although those are in there, too. There’s a cohesive plot, and maybe even a point to this film. It’s up to you to look deep and hard and see it. But hey, even if you don’t, it’s nice to know there’s someone out there spending eight years to make entertainment this awesome. Because, knowing, as they say, is half the battle.

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